How Mohan's Makes the Perfect Suit

You are new to having your clothes custom-tailored and don't have any idea what to expect, you are not alone. Many of Mohan's clients are first-timers and come into the shop not knowing what they should expect or what is expected of them. At Mohan's, all of our tailors are ready to follow your lead and are equally capable of providing guidance to the novice.

Support is given through a well organized Mohan Tailors

1920x1080-KallyasIt all begins with a conversation, getting to know you as a person, understanding your needs. Everday use or a special occasion? When you will you wear it? Summer? Winter? What materials and styles do you have in mind? How much do you want to spend? When do you need your suit to be ready?

Communicating effectively with a tailor can prove to be quite difficult when you literally and figuratively do not speak the same language.It's helpful to know exactly what you want before discussing any desired alterations.

How to choose fabric for clothes

1920x1080-KallyasWe have over 1,000 different materials to choose from. We use only the highest quality fabrics from England and Italy. Although the wool suit is the most popular, we also offer you a wide selection of other materials including cashmere, silk, and linen among others.

  • Pants: Linen (for warmer weather); denim; flannel; and wool.

  • Shirts and blouses: Cotton voile; rayon challis; double gauze; knit; silk; chambray; cotton lawn; linen; and flannel (for less drapey shirts and blouses).

  • Skirts: Cotton lawn; rayon challis; denim; knit; and linen.

  • Dresses: Cotton voile; cotton lawn; rayon challis; double gauze; knit; silk; satin; linen; and wool (for colder weather).

Get it in your size

1920x1080-MohanTo ensure a perfect fit, we take your measurements in twenty different areas from your neck all the way down to your ankle.

It’s one size only - yours! No standard size will ever be your size. Once you have switched to tailored clothing you will have a hard time going back to those stock sizes. Our skilled tailors are standing by to cut and sew your garments to your precise measurements, to fit your natural shape.

1. Neck
2. Chest
3. Waist
4. Hip
5. Seat
6. Shirt length
7. Shoulder width
8. Arm length
9. Wrist
10. Hip measurement (for the bottoms)
11. Seat measurement (for the bottoms)
12. Inseam
13. Coat sleeve length
14. Sleeve length for suit
15. Jacket length

Have it your way

We begin by selecting a basic style. Classic or Contemporary, Formal or Semi-Formal, Single-breasted or Double-Breasted . We then customize your suit to fit your particular body type. Are you Tall? Portly? Fair complexion? We take every aspect into consideration to create a suit that will highlight your best features.

Finally, we plan for any special needs or requirements you may have. Do you want you suit monogrammed? Would you like the last button on your cuff to be a different color? Need a special pocket for your glasses, business cards, iPod, or cell phone?

Any detail that you desire, we can accommodate

Switching to tailored fashion has never been easier. Choose from the many shirt designs we have prepared for you, or make it your way using our shirt designer tool. All we need are three of your measurements: neck size, weight and length. That's it.


1920x1080-KallyasWe'll set up a fitting that fits your schedule. Typically we ask for seven days, but if you're in a particular hurry we can be ready for your fitting in as little as a few hours.


Most tailors use a stock pattern to make suits. We create a unique pattern for each individual specifically designed for your body type and style choices.

We then loosely assemble all of the pieces of your suit to prepare for your fitting,

Fit Gurantee

1920x1080-KallyasThis is the most important step in the process. You try on the mocked up suit, and our tailors work each detail around you until the fit is perfect.

We sincerely want you to be fully satisfied with the fit of your made-to-measure garments. If the product you have ordered does not fit you, we will help you find the right measurements so that it can be adjusted at a local tailor. Alternatively we will make a new garment without cost.

Order a made-to-measure product and enter your measurements by carefully following the instructions.

If the product does not fit you well, contact us within 10 days of delivery.
We will help you adjust your measurements profile and will make a new garment or help you adjust the current one at a local tailor.

Recutting for Perferct fit

After your fitting, we disassemble the suit into all of its individual panels. We then recut each piece to the perfect dimensions to suit your shape

Design Details : Slim Fit, Center vent, 3 (no buttonholes), Brass Buttons, Pockect Square

Perfect Fit Gurantee

1920x1080-KallyasMany tailors would skip this process, but at Mohan's your suit is our reputation. This is part of the reason why we do not encourage online tailoring because fitting and refitting are the most crucial part of ensuring that your suit fits comfortably and you look like a million dollars


1920x1080-KallyasUsing sergers and machines to do all of the work saves a lot of time and energy, but doesn't provide the best look or quality. Most tailors fuse linings and lapels with glue for a cheaper and faster result at the expense of the perfect shape.

Mohan's tailors sew over 80% of your suit by hand including all edge stitching and button holes. Perfect lapels are a particular passion for Mohans, and all of our lapels are painstakingly shaped to perfection by skilled craftsmen's fingers.

Perfect Suit Ready

1920x1080-KallyasAt Mohan's , we design suits based on the customer's physique and lifestyle as everyone is unique. We are meticulous to the most minute detail so as to ensure that the completed suit projects our customer's best image


Delivery In Time

1920x1080-KallyasTypically a suit can be picked up seven days after your fitting. If you are in a particular rush, we can do it in as little as twenty-four hours for no extra charge and without compromising quality.

Delivery is available worldwide via DHL or FedEx.

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