Flame Resistant Jeans

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Flame Resistant Jeans

Jeans have always been considered to be the most rugged and at the same time, most comfortable, of all kinds of workwear. We all know that the wearer of a pair of jeans gets an undeniable macho look, and that makes them look stronger and more capable of accomplishing the work at hand. Now you can combine safety with machismo. Some manufacturers of workwear have come out with flame resistant jeans, and they are creating big waves in the workwear market. With these flame resistant jeans, you can look sexy and still protect yourself from fire-related workplace hazards.

The flame resistant jeans are made flame resistant by using a trademark fire-resistant material known as INDURA Ultra Soft. This material is made by blending 88% of cotton with 12% of high tenacity nylon. The INDURA Ultra Soft material that is used in making the flame resistant jeans is guaranteed to be fire retardant for the whole life of the garment. It can protect the wearer from flames caused due to flash fires, accidental splashing of molten metals and exposures of flames during welding.

At the same time, the flame resistant jeans are perfectly wearable. Despite the material used for special flame resistant properties, the weight of these jeans is only about 14.75 ounces, which is equal to that of normal jeans. The fabric feels soft to the wear, and does not scratch the skin or produce rashes like some cheap jeans materials can do. That is the reason why they are perfectly well suited for work wear.

Sizes are available from 30 to 54, which cover all the possible ranges required for working men and women. Above that, the flame resistant jeans have a looser seat so that there is more freedom of movement during working for long hours. The thighs are also kept at a loose fit for this reason. The legs of the jeans open out at seventeen inches, which might be a bit more than the tight fitting jeans teenagers normally use, but this design is maintained so that the flame resistant jeans can nicely fit over the work boots and not stretch at those areas.

Then, safety is crafted into the jeans in other ways. Instead of a button which would be sewn in with threads (not suitable for flame resistance), the waist is provided with a snap closing button made of flame resistant material. This protects the buttons from burning in case of accidental fire. Similarly, the zipper is made of brass, and taped onto the fly with the flame resistant material known as Nomex. That ensures complete protection for the wearer in every part of the jeans. Moreover, the flame resistant jeans are cheap and can be easily washed at home with normal detergents. That makes them convenient too.


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