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Brand name clothing is highly recognizable by customers because the brands spend millions of dollars marketing themselves. Non branded clothing, basically clothing by smaller labels or imported from overseas, have no name recognition.

What we do a Mohan’s is unique.  Read on.

You may have seen brands like Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy, Liz Claiborne, Ecko and many on the on the rack at various departmental stores or boutiques.  Since most of this are mass made, meaning, it’s meant for average body sizes, the measurements are standard.

Now we know that we are not all build a like.  Slim, heavy, waist size and a whole lot more measurements are unique to an individual.  Even identical twins differ in measurements!

So, in effect, when we buy off the rack we are compromising.  Compromising great fit and first impression for convenience.  But it does not have to be that way!

This is what we do at Mohan’s.  Take a look at  This is how at Mohan’s Singapore we make a perfect suit.  As you can see the process is simple.  In fact the whole process, from measurement to wearing your new suit can be don in 24 hrs, if you so choose.

Come in and let’s have a chat about your requirement.

For Inquiries and appointments call (+65) 67324936 ask for Max Mohan

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